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Ecowave 23 500 ml

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Product Description
Ecowave EC23 is a 4% solids flux suitable for most no clean professional soldering applications. Ecowave EC23 not only improves soldering performance (no bridges or icicles) but also reduces costs, as cleaning is not necessary. Ecowave EC23 offers excellent solderability with the minimal level of flux residue. Ecowave EC23 is suitable for spray and foam fluxing systems. Ecowave EC23 has been specially formulated with an addition of rosin ensuring excellent S.I.R values and copper mirror corrosion properties exceeding Bellcore TR-NWT-000078 and J-STD-004.

Physical Properties

Solids Content: 4%
Specific gravity at 20°C: 0.795±0.05
Halide content: 0%
Colophony content: 2%
Volatiles: 96%
Product:  Ecowave 23
No Clean:  Yes
Halide Free:  ?
Unit:  500 ml
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