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Product Description

Liquid Fluxes & Thinners

Our range of liquid flux for solder wave are manufactured in the UK and are available in many formulations.
All fluxes are designed to suit the various processes, solderability and cleaning requirements of today's electronics industry.
Fluxes can be supplied in a variety of container sizes starting from our 125ml bottle.

Dipping Flux

A range of dipping fluxes which include a high temperature rosin flux (28, 42 and 52% solids) for transformer and cable dipping, with water based fluxes for use on brass, copper and stainless steel.
Item Description Solids Content Halide Content
DF1 A rosin activated dipping flux for standard transformer dipping and cable dipping. For leaded and lead free 37.5% 0.5%
DF5 A rosin activated dippiong flux for standard transformer dipping, cable dipping. 50.0% 0.0%
Product:  DF1
No Clean:  ?
Halide Free:  No
Unit:  500 ml