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Total Clean 200 CFC Free Cleaning Solution in aerosol

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Product Description

Total Clean 200 Flux Residue Remover

Total Clean 200 is a CFC free cleaning solution developed for bench-top removal of flux residues, after the soldering process.
Total Clean 200 is a solvent based cleaner and offers greater cleaning power than similar Isopropanal cleaners, which can leave conductive and corrosive white organic powders after evaporation. Total Clean 200 will dissolve most flux ingredients quickly and efficiently, leaving assemblies cleaner than normal cleaning agents.
Total Clean 200 is easy to use, fast evaporating and ozone friendly.
Total Clean 200 leaves no residue, making it ideal for all those applications where a lubricant is unsuitable.
Total Clean 200 is safe on most plastics, fabrics and surface coatings although you should always test for material compatibility before using cleaners on a commercial scale.


  1. Fix applicator to the front of the spray nozzle.
  2. Spray area required to be cleaned.
  3. If required use a soft bristle brush to help penetrate difficult hardened or aged residues.
  4. Rinse with fresh cleaning agent.
  5. Repeat procedure until no residues are present.
Product:  Total Clean 200
CFC Free:  Yes
Unit:  Aerosol
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