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De-Solder Braid Size AA 1.5m Spool

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Product Description

De-Solder Wicks (Solder Braid)

De-solder wicks or solder braid as it is otherwise known, is made with tiny braided copper wire strands and is used for the removal of solder from the circuit board during the repair operation.


Heat the copper braid while it is pressed between the solder pad and the tip of the hot soldering iron.
When the solder melts from the heat, the capillary action of the braided wire will 'wick' the molten solder up off the circuit board and into the braided wire. Works best with repairing electronic kits and devices.
Size Colour Width Application
00 White 0.80 mm (0.03 in) Very fine miniature solder joints
AA Yellow 1.50 mm (0.06 in) Fine solder joints
AB Green 2.2 mm (0.08 in) Medium solder joints
BB Blue 2.7 mm (0.10 in) Large solder joints